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Brian Trobee has been a piano instructor for 26 years.  He started his piano journey at the age of 15.  He immediately fell in love with the instrument, practicing four to five hours every day.  By the age of 19 he began teaching under the supervision of his instructor at the time, and he has been teaching ever since.  His approach to teaching focuses on the needs of the student, which allows him the freedom to tailor his instruction to each student's interests instead of focusing upon a fixed system.  He also encourages that all of his students pursue their creative side with the piano. Composition is a key component for students who reach an intermediate level in their playing.  All of Brian's students at the intermediate level are taught about each musical time period and are required to learn how to play and interpret each style. His overall focus centers on giving each student a well-rounded, balanced understanding of the piano without sacrificing the joy and fun in making music.

Please contact me with any questions you might have about lessons.

Brian Trobee

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