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Enrichment Courses

  In Tune Academy 

Group Piano

In Tune Piano Academy is now offering group piano instruction at select schools.  This great opportunity allows children to learn to play the piano in a relaxed environment with fun, knowledgeable instructors. It’s also a great convenience for parents to have a music program at their child’s school location. Learning piano, as with many musical instruments, helps a child with essential skills they need to excel in school and life.  By learning a musical instrument children increase their attention span while expanding their ability to multitask.  However the best part is they gain a skill which allows them to express themselves and share the joy of music with others.  In Tune's after school program focuses on all aspects of learning the piano from sight reading, performance, technique and theory.  

3D Design


In Tune Design Academy is now offering 3D Design at select schools. Our 3D Design course teaches children how to design and manipulate objects in a relaxed environment with fun, knowledgeable instructors. Using Tinkercad, a free, online 3D design and 3D printing app for everyone, your children will quickly learn the basics of 3D design. By the end of the course, students will have the skills to build their own projects which we will eventually 3D print. Tinkercad is an app created by Autodesk, an industry standard in design software, and provides an introduction to the Autodesk interface. By taking this course, students will refine their problem-solving skills and gain an introduction to technology that is revolutionizing the industry. In addition to learning about 3D design, students will learn about 3D printers. This class does not require your child to purchase supplies, but he or she will be able to continue working on projects on your home computer if desired. This class has a maximuim size of 12 students per class.

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